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Talent Management for Managers, Powered by SBN

Includes a Live Web Event on 10/20/2022 at 11:00 AM (PDT)

Onboarding new hires is important to help them thrive in their new role. It also welcomes them as part of the team and inspires them to be more knowledgeable and excited about the company.

Geared towards managers, this session will help attendees learn how to develop a successful onboarding process. You’ll hear from career coach veteran and owner of HR Culture Geek Elizabeth Jacobs and walk away with strategies on how to recruit and onboard, check in on performance, and ways to set goals so that expectations are better met.

This session includes a Q&A and breakout where you will connect with other participants on what you learned and have the chance to share and acquire ideas.  

**If you're having any issues logging in or accessing the webinar, please contact SEMA Education at or 909-610-2030.**


Talent Management for Managers, Powered by SBN
10/20/2022 at 11:00 AM (PDT)   |  60 minutes
10/20/2022 at 11:00 AM (PDT)   |  60 minutes In this webinar, attendees will learn the importance of onboarding employees and how it impacts any workplace culture. Doing so correctly will allow the person to feel more apart of the team and gives an opportunity for you to recognize if this is the right person for your staff.