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RPM Act: How it Affects WTC Members and How to Protect Your Rights

Recorded On: 02/17/2022

The motorsports industry has been vocal in advocating for the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act (RPM Act) since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first declared that the 50-year-old Clean Air Act does not allow street vehicles to be converted into racing vehicles, even if the vehicles are trailered to the track and are used exclusively for motorsports competition. 

If once-certified street vehicles can’t be converted for racing, the EPA’s position would jeopardize the future sales and service of non-emissions-related racing parts – including race tires and wheels. Future regulations related to TPMS or low rolling resistance tires could also be at risk.

Wheel and tire-related businesses will discover everything they need to know about the RPM Act, and why it is important and relevant to the industry. John Rastetter, a member of the WTC Select Committee, and a panel of wheel and tire professionals shared their first-hand experience and knowledge on the issue.

Speaker: John Rastetter, Tire Rack

Speaker: Eric Snyder, SEMA

Speaker: Gary Ruede, Discount Tire

Speaker: Ryan Fuller, Standards Testing Labs

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RPM Act: How it Affects WTC Members and How to Protect Your Rights
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