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Product Liability Insurance, Powered by MPMC

Recorded On: 09/08/2022

Product liability insurance is like life insurance for manufacturers. You know you need it, but may often forget why and how much you need, depending on the current state of your company. 

To protect your business and ensure you are saving the most money, it’s important to reassess your needs on a regular basis.  

Join Bob Corwin and Franco Ganino of Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. (a SEMA benefit partner) and learn how product liability insurance can save your corporation from the rising cost of litigation. 

Presented by the SEMA Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC), this recording will provide you with updates on cost-effective programs that offer support and coverage solutions. You will learn why failing to warn customers about potential risks can be costly, how you can use risk classifications to save on insurance costs, and how to prevent issues that might negatively impact your business.

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Bob Corwin

Senior Vice President

Alliant Insurance Services

With 30 years insurance industry experience, Bob joined Alliant in 1992.  Since that time, Bob has been involved as a Property and Casualty expert serving the Automotive Aftermarket with insurance and risk management services.  As Broker to SEMA for 30 years and Managing Director of the RevPro Insurance Program, Bob understands the unique needs of the automotive parts and racing industries.  Successful in working with hundreds of automotive companies in America, Bob has served as the “trusted advisor” to his clients and the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. In partnership with Franco Ganino, Senior Vice President at Alliant, together they founded RevPro, the premier specialty insurance program designed for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry and endorsed by SEMA (the largest Automotive Aftermarket Association in the world).  While serving SEMA, Bob has worked closely with SEMA Industry Councils such as the Wheel & Tire Council, Light Truck Accessory Council, Motorsports Parts Manufacturing Council and Suspension Task Force when it was founded to support the suspension industry segment.             

Franco Ganino

Senior Vice President

Alliant Insurance Services

As an avid car builder / auto restoration enthusiast and passionate car collector, Franco Ganino is not only of the Automotive Aftermarket, he is a part of the industry itself.  With over 30 years of insurance background and knowledge at Alliant Insurance Services, Franco has applied his unique understanding of the automotive industry with his insurance acumen to directly support the industry he loves. Franco has developed products and services for industry segments such as off-road, racing and restoration.  In 2010, Franco founded Installers Edge, which provides Garage Liability and ancillary coverages for the underserved specialty installation market segment.  Along with Bob Corwin, they founded RevPro as the premier Automotive Aftermarket insurance program in the country, serving the unique insurance needs of the manufacturing, installation and wholesale distributor markets.


Product Liability Insurance, Powered by MPMC
09/08/2022 at 11:00 AM (PDT)  |  Recorded On: 09/08/2022
09/08/2022 at 11:00 AM (PDT)  |  Recorded On: 09/08/2022 Register to watch the on-demand recording, If you’ve already registered, LOGIN and click “VIEW ARCHIVED RECORDING” to watch.