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Preparing My Business to Successfully Transition on my Terms

Recorded On: 01/27/2022

Many businessowners dream of leaving the business to their children. The reality, however, is that many family-owned businesses are sold to outside entities. Selling a business can be complicated and because it is an emotional process, owners are vulnerable to mistakes. All businessowners are advised to prepare for a successful exit strategy, whether they plan on transitioning in the next few months or several years. 

Chuck and Gayle Ross, principal partners and business advisors at Ross Business Solutions, counsel clients and have first-hand experience on how to successful transfer business ownership. They shared their knowledge and expertise with SEMA members and discuss:   

- The steps involved for a successful transition 

- Different transfer options Top 7 value drivers  

- Business attractiveness (what your business looks like to an outsider) 

- Business readiness (what your business looks like on the inside)   

Businessowners will also learn how to prepare for when they don’t have a business to go to anymore, and determine how much money is needed to live the lifestyle businessowners are expected to live. Viewers of the on-demand session will be able to begin creating a road map to help reach their personal, lifestyle, and professional wealth goals.

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Preparing my Business to Successfully Transition on my Terms
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