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Performance Reviews For Managers, powered by SBN

Recorded On: 02/17/2022

Performance reviews can be effective tools for helping managers build effective teams. While many supervisors dread performance reviews and view then as an unnecessary task, they have the potential to improve productivity, teamwork and company growth. Used wisely, a performance review can make a supervisor’s job easier.

Learn how to conduct a successful performance review by joining the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) for this on-demand session. Viewers will:

- Gain an understanding of the importance of reviews and setting targets for an employee’s professional growth

- How to have honest and productive conversations with employees

- How to encourage and receive honest feedback from employees, and why it’s critical to having a successful working relationship

Supervisors and managers heard from Maru Trevizo, SEMA VP of Human Resources, as she was joined by webinar moderator Jaclyn Sunseri, Hemmings, as they prepared participants to lead their staff to greater success. 

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Performance Reviews For Managers
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Open to download resource. Many managers overlook the importance of Performance Reviews. Step into the SBN’s Webinar on Performance Reviews for Managers to receive an outline of how to properly delivery honest and productive 1:1s. Utilize the additional worksheet to help manager your time and team, to cultivate a successful working relationship.