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Modding Vehicles with ADAS

Recorded On: 06/15/2022

Just about all vehicles now come equipped with ADAS features. As a result, it is critical that installers, restylers and even manufacturers of aftermarket parts understand how modifications impact ADAS features. 

Whether lifting a truck, lowering a car, upgrading a bumper or even installing new wheels, modifications may require that vehicles be recalibrated. The challenge is how. While OEMs provide calibration guidelines and procedures for stock specifications, modifying ADAS-equipped vehicles with aftermarket parts is more complicated.   

Learn how to avoid the possible malfunctioning of systems after upgrading a vehicle with aftermarket equipment by joining SEMA for a live webinar.     

Presented by Nick Dominato, Senior Vice President of Product at asTechyou will learn:   

  1. Challenges and best practices when modifying ADAS-equipped vehicles 
  2.  Types of modifications that require recalibration 
  3. Calibration procedures for different make vehicles 
  4. The difference between dynamic vs. static calibrations Resources and tools available   

As ADAS expands its footprint in virtually every new-model vehicle, aftermarket companies must ensure their products and installations meet the proper requirements. Make sure you company is prepared and join us on June 15.

‚ÄčNick Dominato

Senior Vice President


Nick Dominato is a Senior Vice President, Product at asTech. In 2020, he cofounded adasThink, an estimate intelligence software business that automatically identifies required ADAS calibrations and equipped ADAS systems. adasThink was acquired by asTech in 2021.


Modding Vehicles with ADAS
06/15/2022 at 11:00 AM (PDT)  |  Recorded On: 06/15/2022
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