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How to Keep the Conversation GROWING and Build Awareness | SBN Male Ally Series

Recorded On: 04/02/2024

An important part of being an ally to women is engaging new people who don’t fully understand or believe in the male-ally mindset. Knowing how to approach, engage and convert non-believers into allies is critical for both men and women grow the conversation so that positive change can take effect. 

During this session, you will discover ideas and ways to engage with people who have not heard of, or understand or support, the male-ally movement.

Learning outcomes include:

  • A review of what a male ally to women is and successful practices to be one
  • How to grow the conversation surrounding male allyship
  • How to recognize when it is time to engage
  • How the panelists have been successful in educating non-believers
  • What to do if there is push-back 

This session will be moderated by Rachel Speir (RS Marqueting), and feature speakers Chris Gauss (The Warn Group), Steve Gilmore (Ford Motor Company), and Sara Morosan (LGE-CTS Motorsports). Don’t miss your chance to tap into their expertise and discover practices that you can use, that have worked for them in the past. Register today! 

Rachel Speir (Moderator)

Head of Brand Marketing

Scott Lewis Associates

Senior leader whose visible passion, advocacy, adaptability, strategic mindset, decisiveness, clear articulation, and reliability inspires followership and resourceful execution of ventures through strategic business process and policies, brand building, data-driven and goal-oriented campaigns, beneficial partnerships and evolving digital technologies. Skilled in building scalable ecosystems, my successes aligning cross-functional relationships for operational performance, customer centricity and bottom-line efficiency results in healthy employee engagement, brand awareness, customer conversion, loyalty and profits.

Chris Gauss

Director of Business Development

The Warn Group

- 30+ years in the automotive industry with 26 years at one company in roles of escalating responsibility ending with the Director of Sales and Marke>ng for their performance brands.

- Currently the Director of Business Development for the Warn Group working on the Fabtech Brand.

- Exhibitor at the SEMA show from 2009 – 2022

- SEMA Winner of best off-road/4-wheel drive new product 2018

- Served on SEMA taskforce for FMVSS126 testing

- Former ASE mechanic

Steve Gilmore

Chief Designer of Vehicle Personalization

Ford Motor Company

As the Chief Designer for Vehicle Personalization for Ford Motor Company, I've spearheaded the formation of a diverse creative design team that manages an ever-expanding portfolio. We leverage our collective strengths in creating packages, accessories and products that span all Ford vehicle lines, Ford Performance Parts, and Ford Licensed Accessories. My recent work with the aftermarket industry led me to join and be elected to the SEMA PRO Select Committee. I leverage my unique experiences and OEM background to positively impact the automotive aftermarket industry. 

Sara Morosan

Vice President

LGE-CTS Motorsports

Sara Morosan was born and raised in an Automotive family, being the youngest out of the 2 daughters.

Sara became passionate about the aftermarket side of the Automotive industry at an early age. When she was 13yrs old she helped her dad with building her first car, a 1970 Chevy El Camino. After the completion of her car, she started to attend car shows with her friends & family and learned that she could make money at these shows & swap meets by selling aftermarket parts. In 1996, at the age of 16 with the help of her sister Theresa, they created a website called the company grew and when Sara graduated from high school in 1998 the company grew, and they started to do installs. She attended local colleges for business and marketing classes and some automotive suspension classes. In 2001 the Truck shop moved out of her parents autobody shop L&G Enterprises and into a larger building in the center of the complex. After the success of both companies and the names growing, the sisters decided to combine the companies in 2011 and the names coming up with LGE-CTS Motorsports. 

Always having a passion for giving back to their local community like their parents and grandparents have always done. Their dad Louie was asked to be on a board for a local Automotive school that was high school based, and he invited his 2 daughters to join him in the meeting. Immediately the Morosan family was completely onboard, what better way to give back to the local communities and the automotive committee that they were so passionate about. After one of her mentors saw the passion Sara had for giving back, suggested to her  that she should get involved with volunteering with automotive communities and join one of SEMA’s Select committees. That year she ran to be on the SEMA LTAA (Light truck accessory Alliance) and made the committee. It was one of the best decision she made. She served 4 terms on the committee from 2013-2019. She became quickly involved with multiple SEMA committee’s and task forces. She currently services on the SEMA Cares Select Committee, The SEMA Show Committee, and the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN). She has served as a scholarship judge for the SEMA Education and has helped with the SEMA Education vehicle program. In 2018 she went to the Santé Fe New Mexico Jeep build to talk to students about the suspension on the Jeep Wrangler they were building and the different career opportunities the automotive industry has to offer. Education to our youth about the automotive industry has always been a passion of the Morosan family. Sara visits local middle school, high school and college schools to go and meet with students and encourage them to follow their dreams. 

The Morosan family often took their daughters to different off-road events from Baja California all the way up to the Colorado and Utah area. Events like the All-4-Fun run put on the Mile High Jeep club, to Off-Road races in Mexico to riding motorcycles at Glamis Sand Dunes. She quickly grew to love the off-road world that mass differences it had to offer in so many different ways, from going fast through the dessert in Mexico, to the slow rock crawling in Utah, to the smooth sand dunes of Glamis.  

In 2018 Sara joined a local Jeep club for beginners, the president of the club asked Sara to the be in the club to help the beginner Jeepers . Sara now provided Suspension 101 classes and takes them out for trail days to help them learn how to off-road. She loved this idea, since she wanted more people to share the love of off-roading and adventure as much as she did. Anyway she could help remove the fear factor and get people out there to discover the great beautiful world that God gave us.  In 2020 Theresa and Sara saw the high demand for the custom one-off products Theresa was designing for their custom builds and moved forward with starting their manufacturing company BAJA FORGED.  The new line of product offers off-road product  front and rear bumper, Rockslides and Roof Racks. 


How to Keep the Conversation GROWING and Build Awareness | SBN Male Ally Series
04/02/2024 at 1:00 PM (PDT)  |  Recorded On: 04/02/2024  |  60 minutes
04/02/2024 at 1:00 PM (PDT)  |  Recorded On: 04/02/2024  |  60 minutes Register to watch the on-demand recording, If you’ve already registered, LOGIN and click “VIEW ARCHIVED RECORDING” to view.