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EVSE Workforce: Career Opportunities and Available Resources

Includes a Live Web Event on 05/06/2024 at 10:00 AM (PDT)

In this session, participants will explore "EVSE Workforce: Career Opportunities and Available Resources," gaining insights into the diverse career paths within the electric vehicle service equipment industry. Attendees will receive valuable resources, educational pathways, and skill development opportunities, empowering them to navigate and excel in the dynamic EVSE workforce landscape.


1. Career Pathways in EVSE: An exploration of diverse career options within the electric vehicle service equipment industry, including roles in installation, maintenance, software development, and more.

2. Skill Development Strategies: Understanding the key skills and competencies essential for success in the EVSE workforce, and how to acquire and enhance them.

3. Educational Opportunities: Surveying available educational programs, certifications, and training courses that align with EVSE career paths.

4. Industry Networking: Building effective networks within the EVSE community to enhance career prospects and stay updated on industry trends.

5. Professional Growth and Advancement: Strategies for continuous professional development and avenues for career advancement within the dynamic EVSE sector.

Elaina Farnsworth

Co-founder and CEO


Elaina Farnsworth is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of SkillFusion, a cutting-edge customer success platform for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) operations and maintenance (O&M) providers. With a passion and career-long dedication to talent and workforce development, Farnsworth is focused on growing a certified talent pool with SkillFusion to operate and maintain electric vehicle chargers and facilitate the growth of the charging network across the country.

Prior to SkillFusion, Farnsworth was the CEO of The Next Education where she developed best-in-class certification and training programs designed to upskill and reskill the workforce in automotive careers related to electrification, autonomy, and cybersecurity. Previously, Farnsworth was appointed as the Director of Global Communications by the Board of Directors of the International Connected Vehicle Trade Association where she served for more than a decade.

Farnsworth was honored as one of the Top 10 Influencers for North American Automotive Suppliers in 2018 and received the prestigious Rule Breaker Award in 2017. Her contributions were further recognized as she was recognized among the Techweek100: Top Tech Leaders in Detroit in 2025, Detroit 40 under 40 in 2014, and Elite 40 under 40.

Dave Packard

Chief Strategy Officer


Dave Packard is the Chief Strategy Officer of SkillFusion, a unique approach to providing electric vehicle operations and maintenance (O&M) service providers with access to a nation-wide credentialed talent pool for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) O&M obligations. Packard is pioneer in transportation electrification and a recognized leader with more than 30 years of experience in EV charging infrastructure, network connectivity, and utility EV infrastructure incentive programs.

Prior to SkillFusion, Packard had founded several EV infrastructure companies including ClipperCreek–a non-networked charging station provider–where he served as President until joining ChargePoint–the leading networked charging station provider in North America–as Vice President of Utility Solutions. Packard entered the EV industry in the early 1990s as Vice President of Sales at EPTI supporting a rapid battery charging startup. Additionally, Packard is a trusted advisor and consultant serving the EV charging infrastructure sector, providing expertise on business development, strategy, and utility infrastructure development.


EVSE Workforce and Career Opportunities and Available Resources
05/06/2024 at 10:00 AM (PDT)  |  90 minutes
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