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Classic Cars, Modern Markets

Recorded On: 02/16/2021

The definition of a classic car varies, ranging from vehicles more than 25 years old, to pre-1979 vehicles with some value to the restorer, or old or limited production vehicles. Regardless of how a classic car is defined, there are a significant number of older vehicles on the road that require parts and accessories and therefore, presents an opportunity for SEMA members. Learn what a classic car is, how many classic cars are estimated to be on the road today, and how much money is being spent on accessorizing the vehicles. You'll hear new data about what the vehicles are being used for, what products are most likely to be installed on the vehicle, and where the vehicle owners tend to purchase products. Gain a better understanding of where the best business opportunities are for this market, and how they can be a part of the $890 million market.

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Classic Cars, Modern Markets
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